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Valeria Buechele

While studying for her degree in Business Administration (UBA), Valeria was starting out in her work experience and within four years had set up her own company, Más Fiestas. Targeting Public Relations, through managing this project she got to see up-close and right from the start- the development of the gastronomic barrios of Buenos Aires. Firstly Belgrano (Imprenta), then Las Cañitas, Palermo, and Puerto Madero, allowing her to explore other businesses in gastronomy and real estate.


With a solid work team and a need to constantly improve and stand out, Valeria created an Events Production unit for companies and private individuals, working in coordination with her PR service, managing the organization of private parties for VIP clients such as Faena Hotel + Universe, Asia de Cuba, Alvear Palace Hotel, Qatar Airways, Miller Genuine Draft, Pacha Buenos Aires and the VIP sector of the hugely popular Creamfields Buenos Aires international festival. Visitors to Buenos Aires were offered her concierge service with a PR bonus: these people –all VIP tourists– were looked after throughout their stay in the city and were able to rub shoulders with their circle of local peers.


This was the seed of what is today Licere International PR, aiming to provide a leisure and nightlife service for international clients, whether companies, regular tourists or locals who travel constantly and are in touch with companies and individuals abroad.